Welcome to the Official Website of Avalon Robbins. Avalon is a model, actress and aspiring singer. She has established quite the resume at such a young age. We will bring you all the latest news, videos and pictures on this little rising star. Be sure to browse the site and learn more about this talented girl. Be sure to check out our Youtube Channel to see Avalon in action. Enjoy browsing the site!
xoxo, Brooke
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The Three Stooges World Premiere

Apr 10 2012

This past weekend Avalon attended her first feature film Movie Premiere. It was, of course, the World Premiere of The Three Stooges in Los Angeles. Avalon plays Murph, a sick orphan who the Stooges try to save. You can see pictures of Avalon at the premiere below, and a short clip of an interview with her at the premiere. She lookes picture perfect in her yellow sundress and adorable daisy in her hair!

Avalon's Singing Recital

Apr 10 2012

Avalon recently did a singing recital. I don't know the name of the song but I know it was a song from the musical Once Upon A Mattress that she was a cast member in. Based on the fairytale The Princess and The Pea. Avalon's voice is improving so much all the time. Well done Av!

Deidre Fahey Photoshoot - headshots 2012

Apr 04 2012

Avalon has some gorgeous new headshots taken by the talented Deidre Fahey. Doesn't she look so much older! She still has her shorter hair from The Three Stooges shoot, but it's growing back fast. Speaking of The Three Stooges, the movie is being released this month. This is Avalon's first role in a feature film.

Steve Wetherbee Photoshoot

Mar 27 2012

Steve Wetherbee and here are the pictures. This shoot is beautiful. Be sure to check them out. And yes, Avalon loves hats!


"White Wolf" - Short Film

Nov 21 2011

First of all I just want to apologize about the lack of updates lately. Since the gallery crashed, I had to upload over 1,000 pictures and rebuld it. I'm two thirds of the way through. It's a big task. Anyway, here is Avalon's film entitled White Wolf. It is an inspirational short film and I think the message should be clear to everyone. This is my favorite of all Avalon's short films so far. Take a look.

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